Vacuum Pumps
Water Ring Vacuum Pump and Spare are the pumping devices in which gases are drawn into rotor by the receding liquid ring which works like a piston whereas the chamber plays the part of the cylinder.
Cement Feeding System
Cement Feeding System are the large industrial machineries that are mostly used in construction and concrete manufacturing industries. They are used to move the powdered form of the concrete materials from one unit to another fast and without any wastage.
Industrial Roots Blower
Industrial Roots Blowers availed by us are highly rigid and sturdy in their construction which make them capable to work in extreme industrial conditions. These are suitable for low to medium pressure applications and can also be used as a vacuum pump.
Blower Machine
Blower Machines are the high performance pneumatic devices that are used to give a pressurized blow of air. They are made up of rigid and sturdy materials which makes the system highly reliable and able to operate for a continuous period of time. 
Bulker Unloading System
Bulker Unloading System are the material handling equipments that are used for the transportation of raw material from the delivery trucks to storage containers. These are equipped with an electrical motor which make it very easier to move powdered substances without any manpower.
Cement Silo Compressor

Cement Silo are the heavy duty machineries that are fabricated by using top grade materials which makes the system highly reliable. They are available in various different sizes and capacities to carry different applications.

Gas Roots Blower
We are one of the best manufacturer of Gas Roots Blowers that are designed by our highly experienced team of engineers. These machines can be used in various industries such as chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, and many more.
Compact Roots Blower
Compact Roots Blowers provided by us are manufactured with the best quality of materials that makes them rigid and sturdy in construction. They are available in various different sizes that can be classified as per their working capacity.
Twin Lobe Air Blower
Twin Lobe Air Blowers are the compact designed machineries that are widely used in fluid discharging from the low to high pressure side. They are manufactured by highly professional engineers with the help of advanced technologies. 
Industrial Gear Pair
We offer various sizes of Industrial Gear Pair as per their diameter and the number of teeth on their circumference. They are fabricated with the help of pressed forged steel which make them tough and rigid to prevent material wear during the contact while operation.
Root Blower Main Cover

Root Blower Main Cover are the elements that are used as a protective shield to protect the moving elements such as impellers from any damage. These are also used to protect the internal mechanism from the dust, dirt and other contaminations present in the atmosphere.

Industrial Air Compressor
The Industrial Air Compressor are the high pressure machines that collects the air with the help of a pump and through it at as a high pressurized stream into various pneumatic operations. Buy from us these top grade machineries at a reasonable price. 

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